It’s been a while …

Well it’s been a while since my last post. Many things are a changing around here. We’ve moved within the city but still have our hearts set on a simpler life in a more natural setting. To offset, this summer we took several road trips up Island and fell in love with the ocean side area, i’ll try to follow up with a post about that. We became rather attached to Coombs and have returned several times for the amazing Mexican food found at the Taqueria; the fish tacos and Mexican tortilla soup are amazing and the setting reminds us of being in Mexico. Ah Mexico, I miss you.

Markus at the Water's edge
Contemplating life at the water’s edge

Over this past year, I have been struggling with the concept of “home”. While living in a city, my nervous system feels like it’s constantly highjacked. My vertigo condition is heightened and the adrenal fatigue I battle on a daily basis feels like it’s constantly beaten down. At the end of the summer, we took a road trip to one of our favourite places, pretty much as far away from Victoria as you can get, where we hunkered down in a tent for a week. I have been returning to this place since first discovering it in 2003. While up there, I slept in rhythm with the sun, didn’t have electrical outlets or cables around my head, and spend my whole day moving; hiking in the fresh air and working on behalf of survival. Many of the symptoms I battle on a daily basis in the city started to reduce, with the exception of one day, where I’d experienced some intense vertigo symptoms, probably from a weather system.

When I first arrived up there, my face was inflamed and bloated – this is pretty typical for me. But after a week, my face started to show the effects of being healthier. I felt completely content and whole when I was in this place. For the time being, we are in the city but we have our sights set on heading north, hopefully between now and the next couple of years. I can’t get down with city life anymore. I dream of a tiny house (which has pretty much been banned in the city), set upon a piece of land where we can grown our own food. Is that a tall order? It seems so when the job that sustains you exists within a setting that is opposite of that. But a transfer request has been submitted, and for now we wait. In the meantime, it is my challenge to make the best of this.

I’m a creative being and find refuge in that, no matter where I am. I never leave the house without my iPhone, and look for every opportunity to capture beauty, even when it’s ugly. I feel most content and in the moment when I am making something, which is why I started beach combing and making stuff. I got into jewellery making as a therapy, not a business. In my life, I used to think that I had to “be” someone in order to count in the world. But as I get older I am starting realize it’s about being “ok” and if it’s possible that, what I make – makes someone else happy, or makes any difference, then that is a bonus. So with that, here are some of the iPhone photos I captured of my respite on the north island – I hope they make you feel good!


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