Picking up Beach Garbage

I’m vowing to make a change, especially now that I’ve launched this site. In the past, I’ve made my focus on finding sea glass. Although I plan to continue picking up sea glass (yes it’s garbage), I will turn my focus to all beach garbage. Yes, I’ve been that person who didn’t pick up beach garbage because I wasn’t prepared with a disposal method, especially important for picking up certain items such as tampon applicators and condoms. And although I’ve picked it up in the past and taken some photos, I never made beach garbage (other than sea glass) a main focus of our beach excursions, nor have I really talked much about it. I am going to hold myself accountable now, for as long as we live near a body of water, and each time we head out to a beach, to always leave the house prepared so that I can make a difference. For starters, I will always keep one fabric bag in my pod slinger, designated just for beach garbage. I am also happy to report that there have been many times where we’ve not come across beach garbage on a beach. Let’s all help to keep it that way.

marine-debrisInfographic by Oliver Lüde, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich Switzerland

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